Does Your Lack of Marketing and Selling Skills Hold You Back From the Success You Deserve?

Would You Rather Get a Bikini Wax
Than Market Your Business?

Dear Enterprising Woman:

Let’s be honest. 

You started your business because you wanted more time for your family and so you could do your own thing without a boss. But is being a business owner really all it was cracked up to be?  Are you doing as well as you could when you consider all the time and work?

The answers are not about finding the hottest new product, service or comp plan. The answers are not about having the perfect computer, boyfriend, husband, college degree, upline, downline, bookkeeper, assistant or business partner.

The answers are all within you.  You can access those answers and put more profits in your purse than you ever dreamed possible once you unlock the secret keys to success and a lot more money with less effort and more fun.  Take five minutes to read this letter and I'll give you the secrets to why your marketing has flopped in the past and what to do about it.

Are You Ready for "Testosterone-Free Marketing?"

My book, "Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women" is an amazing blend of no-nonsense marketing strategy and real empowerment for women like you served up with a side of self-confidence that will help you in every possible marketing and selling situation. Couldn't you use a little more self-confidence and savvy so you’d feel good about "getting out there" and asking for a sale?

If you answered “yes” to at least two of the questions above, my myth-shattering book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing” can help you have more fun, feel more confident and make a lot more money.


My book is all about why we as women hold back when it comes to success in business, particularly in marketing and selling. If you've ever felt stuck, hesitant or overwhelmed about marketing your business (or the business you'd like to start) this book is for you. If the thought of marketing drives you to chocolate - get this book now.


There's no doubt women have very different challenges when it comes to marketing our businesses compared to men.

Who Else Believes Owning a Business Should be About More Freedom, More Fun and More Money?

I work about 25 hours a week.  Often less.  My bills are paid.  I have no credit card debt.  In fact, I put a considerable percentage of income into savings.  Without fail.  We own a lovely home and drive newer cars.  I go to the gym four days a week. My husband and I walk together after dinner in a charming park close to home to relax and connect at the end of the day.

I work from my laptop pretty much anywhere. Often it’s a local coffee shop or bookstore – where I run into friends every day. I can work from anywhere I have access to the Internet and my cell phone.

Every month we drive four hours to another state for the weekend to see the kids and the three most adorable grandkids in the world.   Angelica is almost four, Wyatt just turned three and Reese is seven months old.  We spoil them with affection and special gifts when we see something we can’t resist.

Next month we’re visiting an exotic resort in Mexico for a week.  I’ve been to Europe several times, Caribbean cruises, Hawaii, Greece and Turkey – all in the last few years.  I’m 49 and my husband is 61.

My husband is semi-retired and works 25 hours a week for a local non-profit organization. He gets a pension of less than $300 a month from an aerospace corporation where he worked for many years.  Translation:  not much money but plenty of personal satisfaction.  Our lifestyle isn’t based on his income.  With my Internet income we’re exceedingly comfortable,relaxed, stress-free and confident about our retirement in the coming years.

I have clients I love working with and I feel totally confident and at ease when it comes to marketing and selling.  I no longer break out in a cold sweat and get shaky hands when asking for the sale.   In fact it’s a pleasure asking and finding out if my products and services are right for their needs or not.  Most people say “yes” enthusiastically   But it wasn’t always so, believe me.

Why I Truly Believe I Can Help You

You see, I wrote the book I needed to read. I'm probably a lot like you. I grew up being told:

Were you told these things growing up as a girl too?

There's nothing wrong with these statements or messages in our traditional roles as girlfriend, wife and mother. The problem is they don't work now that you own a business - or would like to. Many women wait for customers to call like we waited for the cute boy from high school History class to call us for a date.

I got a college degree in Marketing but in my first selling role (I bought a business from my father-in-law when I was 25) I realized I felt paralyzed in selling situations.  It seemed like nothing I learned in college applied to my small business.  I remember situations (this was when I sold in person) when I hoped the customer wouldn’t show up so I wouldn’t have to face them.

I also remember the moment I’d get in my car and put the key into the ignition, tears would stream down my face.  I felt frozen with fear when I spoke with customers.  Sharing why I felt I was the best person to help my customer was almost impossible. 

I’m a reasonably smart woman – no genius.  In social situations you’d never know I was so fearful in marketing and selling. I’m reasonably outgoing and friendly.  But in business situations, even at networking meetings I felt so shy I just wanted to turn around and leave.

Have you ever felt like an idiot after reading a marketing book or attending a seminar or listening to tapes and you said, "Gee, that doesn't seem too hard." But actually doing it was totally different.  A girlfriend summed it up nicely when she said, "It's one thing to learn about it - it's another thing to DO it."

Then one day I had one of those massive epiphany moments.  It was as if I’d been living in a thunderstorm and suddenly the sunshine and the birds came out.  I realized what was missing.  In me.  And, in my customers. 

But I wasn’t there yet.  It was much more than just a little tip or trick.  It was all about us as women.  Your approach towards customers.  Your attitude.  How you feel about yourself.  And how all that is reflected in the marketing and selling message you put out to prospective customers.  You see, owning a business is one of the biggest self-growth challenges you’ll ever endure.  Your business growth can’t happen any faster than your personal growth. I started testing what I discovered and it worked. 

About a year later I took a part time position as an Executive Assistant to a mega-bestselling author and seminar leader.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn about creating “multiple streams of income” you know who he is.  I got the position using my new marketing and selling strategies. 

The guy was a multi-millionaire and he was enthusiastic and anxious to hire me after I used my new marketing “strategies” with him.  The position augmented my income but more importantly it gave me an opportunity to watch and learn from a marketing and selling master. 

Amazingly, the biggest lessons came not from him (Oh, I learned plenty!) but from the protégés in his seminar program who paid thousands of dollars to take part.  You see, 18 months after I started working with him I segued from being his assistant to being a marketing trainer and coach in his program.  During a six year period I mentored over 1,200 people.  About half men and half women. 

What I Learned was Astounding

I wasn’t alone. 

The vast majority of the women I coached had the same challenges and reservations about marketing and selling as I used to have.  I wasn’t crazy or an idiot – I was female.  My previous fears and doubts about marketing and selling (and yours) stemmed from a combination of factors both nature and nurture – about the differences between men and women. 

I started researching.  The differences between men and women was a subject I’d always been fascinated with. Over the years I’d read every book and article I could get my hand on.  But now as I explored I was riveted.  I was a woman on a mission.  I uncovered information that led me to believe without even being aware of it – there are natural (but infinitely changeable) discrepancies between men and women when it comes to projecting outward, marketing and selling.   I was blown away by some of the things I discovered.

Yes, we are naturally better than men when it comes to building rapport and relationships.  Yes, we naturally better when it comes to using our intuition to assess the situation we are in.  We have amazing marketing strengths in these areas.  But for most women we are lousy when it comes to sharing what our strengths are and asking for the sale. 

I incorporated what I learned and shared it with hundreds of women I coached.  Many of those women still share with me the successes and joy they’ve experienced since working to   I developed action steps that would help them to handle marketing and selling in ways that were, savvy, professional, confident and friendly. 

Four years later I completed my 212-page content-loaded book: “Testosterone-Free Marketing:  The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women.”

This Book is Right for You if You Want to:”

Finally!  You don't have to be pushy, annoying or manipulative. It's true - the "testosterone heavy" marketing that you may have recoiled from in the past just won't cut the mustard for us anymore. There's no need to "clobber the competition" achieve “world domination” when you have strategies that let you be yourself and open the floodgates to all the business and cash flow you can stand.

“Testosterone-Free Marketing” can help you get there.  You will finally understand why you do the things you do – holding back from success in your business.  But you will also get step-by-step action steps at the end of every chapter to help you create the business you’ve always wanted and the success you deserve.

“Testosterone-Free Marketing” will Reveal How to:

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve become the expert that the experts turn to behind the scenes when they want marketing that’s friendly, helpful, in integrity and not loud, pushy or obnoxious. 

As you know from my story above I’ve mentored over 1,200 men and women in marketing and had thousands more attend my teleclasses and presentations.. 

I paid attention.  I took notes.  I tested and tried things on my own. 

I’m in demand as a marketing mentor and a speaker and workshop leader.  There is no one else who has my unique combination of marketing information and strategies that have been uniquely developed to help women, home based business owners.  There are plenty of worthwhile books out there when it comes to  marketing how tos and strategy.  However, if you find yourself wanting more, more, more and you haven’t even implemented what you’ve learned from books, CDs or your upline because something about it makes you feel uneasy or a little bit overwhelmed – it’s time for “Testosterone-Free Marketing.”

Here’s What Others Say about
“Testosterone-Free Marketing”


“As a working artist, I always believed the stereotypical ‘starving artist’ myth, along with the common belief that artists don't have any business sense.  Since applying the principles Denise teaches in ‘Testosterone-Free Marketing,’ my career is taking off in directions I never dreamed possible and at an astonishing speed.  I no longer hide behind my easel at art shows, afraid to approach customers, or play hermit in my studio, avoiding self-promotion for fear of looking foolish, pushy or unladylike.  I’ve discovered my avoidance of marketing was based on unfounded, outdated and unnecessary fears.  She showed me how to eliminate those fears, vastly increase my confidence andtake my business and art to the next level.  Any woman who wants to improve her business, MUST read this book.  It has literally changed my life."

Beverley J. Hanna
Fine Art


“I’d been paddling along, enjoying a small success in my own business. Since reading Testosterone Free Marketing, however, I've seen where some of myown beliefs about my abilities in business have limited my success. I've always put off having a business plan, preferring to have my business evolve organically,but after I finished reading the book I excitedly laid out a comprehensive business plan that should have me quadrupling my income in the coming year!! I’ve read lots of other marketing books without feeling the same - TFM touched the core of who I am as a woman in business and has inspired me to be as great as I can be. Don't you deserve as much success as you can create?

Jennifer Clare
The “Stop Weighting Newsletter”


"At age 61, I started a new business. Yet, I reached a point where I was so frustrated with marketing I was unsure if I wanted to continue.  I was searching for answers, then I read Denise Michael’s amazing book, ‘Testosterone-Free Marketing.’  What an amazing education in marketing and in why I kept holding myself back! One of the many things I discovered was, I can be me - a woman - and market my way!  I’m finally ready to really move mountains!  Get the book and you’ll get where you want to be with your business!"

Kay Clark, Owner
KC Transcriptions, LLC


“Testosterone Free Marketing’ is a true page turner and a must read for women and MEN alike!  Before TFM, I knew my style was different, but I what I didn’t know was that it is perfectly normal.  Women are not as ‘cut throat’ in their approach, like many in our male-dominated business world.  The one thing I learned is that there can be a harmony between the marketing styles of women and men.  From this point forward I am no longer going to downplay my skills and abilities.  I am going to toot my horn and love every minute of it!”

Becki Noles
Virtual Accuracy


"I'm great at running in circles and getting little if nothing done.  I needed someone to step in and help me with basic "to do" steps, pointing me in the right direction. I found what I was looking for in 'Testosterone-Free Marketing.’  Denise’s book offers a wonderful balance of facts, encouragement and action steps written in a heartfelt, warm manner.  Now, I'm looking forward to enjoying important changes in my business and personal life as I apply her sage wisdom and practical steps. If you've "tried everything" and still feel unbalanced, you need a good dose of TFM by Denise Michaels.

Leslie Baldwin
Springanew Live!


"I thought I was the only woman out there who felt confident about everything else EXCEPT my ability to market my own business.  Denise's groundbreaking "Testosterone-Free Marketing" helped me understand why I had difficulties with marketing and gave me concrete tools to make lasting changes.  This awesome new book should be recommended reading for every woman who owns her own business."

Lynne Klippel, Author
“Web Wonder Women”


“I cried my way through the introduction of your book.  FINALLY!  Someone who understands I went into business to bring kindness, love, and blessings to the world not to destroy anyone in the process.  I can't believe the process of Marketing can be so cathartic!  I feel so empowered! What I have found most valuable is the tools that fit me as a woman so clearly - one is the concept of being a SISTER to your male clients. It feels so right - so real and is easy and safe. Another area of great value is adding a bit of male boldness to the introduction of my services and the area of pricing. This book, - has been a godsend to me already!”

Tamara Gilden, Owner
Employee Energizer


“What a relief to discover just how painless marketing can be!  Not only can I market without all the hoopla -- but I can market with integrity -- in ways that suit me personally.  Denise has a wonderful gift for breaking things down into fun and do-able bites.  Her book, ‘Testosterone-Free Marketing’ has given me back my excitement about marketing.  Thanks, Denise - no more fear of the unknown!”

Darlene Arechederra, Owner
Rat Race Remedies


“’Testosterone-Free Marketing’ is brilliant!   Denise answered questions and presents strategies in a practical, entertaining way.  Her writing style had me turning the pages easily and with great interest!   It’s more than a marketing book, it’s about life as an entrepreneur, and Denise brings a wealth of experience to every chapter.  She gives easy-to-do assignments I can begin today as I build confidence and courage in my new career.   One tip alone changed the way I looked at marketing, and I know will reap huge rewards.   Our inner game is reflected in our outer world, and Denise gets to the core of what marketing is all about.   I highly recommend you buy and read her book whether you’re new to business or you’ve been marketing for years.”

Jennifer Williams, President,
Beyond Education, Inc.


“I wish Denise had written her book ‘Testosterone Free Marketing’ years ago -I sure could have used a ‘Magnetic Focus Plan’ for my last business!  Her chapter ‘Creating Balance and Support with Your Marketing Strategy’ provides analogies to dining room tables and invitations which are simply brilliant.  I'm planning on re-reading the entire book before planning another marketing campaign. Thanks so much, Denise, for getting the word out to us ‘Yins’.”

Vida Evelyn, Writer and Managing Editor
LaPetite Zine


“As a therapist my business is all about helping women. Yet, I had a fear about developing and sustaining a small business of my own. After reading Denise’s book, I’m committed to stepping out in a greater way.  She proves there’s room for the yin or feminine in marketing, and we shouldn’t let it scare us.  Since I’m passionate about what I do, shouldn’t I be committed to my own success?  Isn’t it the same with you?  Except first, we must extinguish our self-defeating thoughts. ‘Testosterone-Free Marketing’ gets to the heart of the matter in a way that’s truly empowering. Get the book now!  Then, start practicing the amazing strategies and tips Denise teaches.”

Diane England, Ph.D.
Benefitting Women


"I was overwhelmed by the daily obligations of my business and personal life. Sometimes I felt so deluged it was easier to forget marketing. But without marketing, there's no money. I'm in business to help women attract men who will make them happy, and make money. Like many women, I treated my business like a hobby. Denise set me straight.  Her book is teeming with easy-to-understand tools anyone can use and nuggets gleaned from her marketing expertise. The confidence techniques in the book alone gave me the moxie to put my name out there, take risks, expand my vision and build a real business.  If you are a woman in business (or just thinking about it), put yourself on-track by reading Testosterone-Free Marketing."

Terry Hernon MacDonald
Marry Smart


“Before reading ‘Testosterone Free Marketing’ I thought all that was necessary to expand my business was to do a good job and let word of mouth do my marketing for me.  The book showed me just how naïve and clueless I was.  I’m learning that success comes one step at a time by putting myself ‘out there,’ taking risks and putting 100% of my attention on locating and serving my “perfect customers” rather than waiting for them to come to me.  I highly recommend the book to any woman who is thinking of starting a business or who already has her own business and wants to expand it.”

Sue Koch, Life Coach
Exit Strategies for Corporate Rats


Here's What You Get with This Amazing Offer:


My book is a culmination of three years of research and testing. This is not theory. It's practical, easy and fun to read. My step-by-step "Get Started Now" sections at the end of each chapter will give you the empowering tools and actions to make it happen for you.

Oh, and I have to share with you - I even wrote a chapter for men. So, if he's not very supportive or he is supportive but still doesn't seem to "get it" when you try to talk with him about your business - have him read Chapter Fifteen. He'll get it and you'll get the support you've wanted all along from the man in your life.


But Wait! There's Even More Value in this Special Offer


In addition to the personally autographed book, you will also get some amazing free bonuses. 

First, you will get my amazing audio download called, "Creating Amazing Confidence." This audio alone is a $149 value. If you act on what you learn it will transform your life. You will never feel like hiding your light and your uniqueness again. Discover the secrets to acting with confidence as a woman so you command immediate respect and appreciation from others around you.

These ideas and strategies work - I promise. You'll also get my top secret key to tapping into the deepest well of self-confidence from within that you may not have ever been aware of. It's amazing, it’s super easy and it works. This information has changed many lives and businesses - it will change yours, too.  You can listen to the audio anytime of the night or day, 24/7.  Believe me, you’ll feel empowered not in a rah-rah “I got the world by the tail way” but in a quietly, confident and knowing way.

You’ll also get an amazing free Special Report on how to do public relations successfully.  Public relations is about getting positive media exposure that will position you as an expert and lead customers to you and what you offer.  I’ve been doing PR for over 20 years.  Savvy business owners know being willing to be seen in the media in print articles, radio and even TV can give you an edge that is just unstoppable.  But it takes a little confidence to do it.  These 22 jam-packed pages of wonderful tips and techniques are a $67 value – and worth every penny.  It’s yours free when you get the book.

But that's not all. Here's another free bonus for you because I really want to give you the best and I need to promote my book. I'm so serious that I'm willing to give you even more.

You also get a free mentoring call with me.  I have coached over 1,200 people (both men and women) to marketing success and I’d like to help you, too.  In this one hour call you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers to your marketing challenges.  I’m very good at “lasering in” and helping you get results fast. 

There’s one little catch, though.  I only ask that you finish reading the book first before you schedule a coaching call with me.  I charge my best business clients $225 for a one hour mentoring call.  Many find that one hour on the phone together is enough to turn their business and their life around.


How Much Will all This Cost Me, Denise?


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Yours in business success, abundance and fun,


Denise Michaels

Author, "Testosterone Free Marketing"

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